Value-added Tax Filing

In Korea, the VAT rates vary between the standard rate of 10% and the zero rate (0%). While the standard VAT rate applies to all supplies of goods and services, the zero VAT rate and VAT exemption is only applicable in specific cases. ABK is the right partner to help you understand and in further consequence overcome the differences between the Korean and your home country’s VAT system.

Our VAT filing services facilitate the necessary procedures to ensure your business is compliant with the applicable regulations and manages direct communication as well as filing submissions. By using our VAT filing services, you will furthermore be well prepared for the quarterly VAT payment.

You can find detailed information about our general VAT filing services below.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions or to schedule an appointment for a consultation free of charge!


VAT filing service offer includes:

  • Introduction to the Korean VAT system
  • Reconciliation of VAT information with the national tax system data
  • Preparation and filing of quarterly VAT returns after approval granted


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