Payroll Service

ABK offers well-developed services to facilitate all your company’s bookkeeping matters. In combining our systematized processes and procedures with the latest software of ERP systems, we ensure that our clients receive the best services customized to their businesses’ needs. With our professional, computer-generated checks, all your payroll matters will be simplified and hence guarantee that your business runs smoothly.

Our service fees depend on your company’s size. We offer various fee levels for small and medium-sized businesses.

You can find detailed information about our general payroll services below.

Please contact us via the contact form below to get detailed information about our services or to get an individual offer. 


Payroll service offer includes:

  • Monthly payroll service
  • Calculation of salaries and official deductions
  • Employees 4 mandatory insurances report
  • Preparation of Korean individual income tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of payroll tax withholding report
  • Indemnity of privacy protection of Employee data
  • Determination of final payment upon termination of an employee


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