Bookkeeping and Reporting

At ABK, we know that every financial situation comes with its own independent range of challenges and hurdles. Our well-trained staff has experience with a variety of businesses and can provide an accurate Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting service, which represents the accounting-wise most important base for a well-organized company.

Below you can find detailed information about our general Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting services.

Please contact us via the contact form below to get detailed information about our services or to get an individual offer. 


Bookkeeping service offer includes:

  • Usage of an ERP system: Providing online access on all kinds of various devices
  • (Initial-) Filing of financial data into ERP-System
  • Accounts payable/receivable management services
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • 2-hour training and induction for one of your employees in bookkeeping matters and communication


Financial Reporting service offer includes:

  • Compilation of monthly/quarterly/annual financial report(s) based on K-IFRS/K-GAAP standards
  • Accessible at any time by using online services


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