About Us

Korea can be a very challenging, tough market, presenting a lot of prosperous business perspectives for your company though. To ensure sustainable growth, your company needs a reliable business partner who acts as an expert in the Korean business environment and has in depth knowledge of the local bookkeeping and tax system. Being a trustworthy, reliable bookkeeping firm, ABK is the right partner to meet those needs and help simplifying all matters around bookkeeping to indemnify that your company can focus entirely on its core business.


We provide universal bookkeeping and payroll services for small & medium-sized companies, and are specialized in the support of foreign companies. ABK operates like an in-house bookkeeping department and tries to understand your business to serve you best. Our experts help you to understand the Korean business environment and guide you through the new and unknown territory of the business culture on the spot. By doing so, ABK helps your business to reduce monetary, as well as non-monetary costs of learning and thereby allows you to fully concentrate on your core business activities.

Our business is based on trust, responsibility, and quality. We are open-minded towards new and innovative ideas and working styles and can assist you with state of the art software, long-time experience in bookkeeping matters, deep market insight and every day practical advice.

ABK is more than just a bookkeeping company - we also serve as a cultural adviser, making your foreign business's operations in Korea easier. Among our range of services, we also offer a solid training for your local employees in basic bookkeeping knowledge and effective communication. Our professionals are all experts in the field of bookkeeping and accounting and provide a fast, responsive service in both English and Korean.